Vaginal Cadaver & Padagra Split


Vaginal Cadaver

1. Stepmom’s Fun
2. It’s No Secret That Your Girlfriend Is A Slut
3. Gagging Is Her Passion
4. Lesbian Teen Party
5. Money Talks
6. Clit Stimulation
7. 69 Quiet Little Sluts
8. Plaything For Your Cock Sucking Slut
9. Stewardess Penetration
10. Gag Reflex (feat. Padagra)
11. Devices For Our Entertainment (feat. Padagra)
12. Big Cock Preference (feat. Padagra)
13. Whore With Syphilis (Padagra Cover)


14. Эмбрион разрезал утробие своей матери
15. Выродок
16. Заворот кишок
17. Drink My Blood
18. Аскаридоз
19. Обрезание тупым ножом
20. Зуд генитальный
21. Rectal Cancer (feat. Vaginal Cadaver)
22. Девушка испытала оргазм во время вскрытия (feat. Vaginal Cadaver)
23. Anal Fissures… (feat. Vaginal Cadaver)
24. Girls Watch Porn (Vaginal Cadaver Cover)

Vaginal Cadaver & Padagra Split

Schoolgirl Massacre (Split with Chainsaw Harakiri)


Chainsaw Harakiri

01. Schoolgirl Massacre (feat. Vaginal Cadaver)
02. Parasitic Defloration
03. Pokéball Anal Beads
04. Soul Cockibur
05. Pettanko Pain Olympics
06. Gurofied
07. Kogal Cocksucker
08. Disemboweled Then Fucked

Vaginal Cadaver

09. Bloody Anal Sex
10. Cock Obsession
11. Gail Swallows And Your Girlfriend Should Too
12. Scene Girls Like It Rough
13. Human Toilet
14. Life As A Pornstar
15. Cum Dumpster
16. Penetrated By A Big Cock (feat. Chainsaw Harakiri)

Schoolgirl Massacre

Amateur Sessions


01. Fine Piece Of Ass
02. One-Night Stand Problem
03. Je tiefer, je besser
04. Deepthroat Technique
05. Unwort des Jahres
06. Drecksfotze
07. Cock Replacement
08. High School Girls
09. Thoughts Of A Whore
10. Rape Her Gently (feat. Severity)
11. Every Whore Loves To Be Beaten
12. Move To The Porngrind Groove (feat. Cum Book)
13. Big Tits Slapping
14. Von irgendeinem die Alte (feat. Toni Tango)
15. Bukkake Fantasy

Amateur Sessions